Dreams of Carcosa

Jebakaih the Innkeeper

To be written!

Highlights and Lowlights.

-Shortly after the group finishes with the gelatinous cube, Gilford who has slept through the whole thing is awoken by voices.

-Grabbing his flail and shield and intending to enforce a curfew, he stumbles upon the Innkeeper from the Inn where the rest of the party is staying at talking with two yellow robed forms. He promises them that the party will be dead by morning even though the cube failed to kill them. He will poison their food.

-Hearing this, Gilford moves forward to arrest them, but is spotted. The two yellow robed forms move away, while encouraging the Bartender to kill Gilford.

-Gilford and Jebakaih fight, and both are seriously wounded, but Jebekaith emerges victorious. Standing over Gilford, he forces the cavalier to stare at a strange amulet…

-The rest of the party, hearing the din of battle arrives then and tackle and restrain Jebekaith. A few more accidentally touching the amulet and being exposed to a strange vision.

-Jebekaith starts cackling madly about “The King” and how his time is coming soon. And eventually seems to die. Meanwhile, the town guard shows up. Some botched diplomacy finds them all put under house arrest in the Inn for the night.

-In the morning, they manage to convince Sherrif Baleson that they are innocent, and that something is afoot. He agrees, but cannot do anything until they provide evidence of whatever it is that happening. The party blames the Cult of Xastur, but Baleson is reluctant to intervene because they are so popular.



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