Dreams of Carcosa

Jebakaih the Innkeeper

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Highlights and Lowlights.

-Shortly after the group finishes with the gelatinous cube, Gilford who has slept through the whole thing is awoken by voices.

-Grabbing his flail and shield and intending to enforce a curfew, he stumbles upon the Innkeeper from the Inn where the rest of the party is staying at talking with two yellow robed forms. He promises them that the party will be dead by morning even though the cube failed to kill them. He will poison their food.

-Hearing this, Gilford moves forward to arrest them, but is spotted. The two yellow robed forms move away, while encouraging the Bartender to kill Gilford.

-Gilford and Jebakaih fight, and both are seriously wounded, but Jebekaith emerges victorious. Standing over Gilford, he forces the cavalier to stare at a strange amulet…

-The rest of the party, hearing the din of battle arrives then and tackle and restrain Jebekaith. A few more accidentally touching the amulet and being exposed to a strange vision.

-Jebekaith starts cackling madly about “The King” and how his time is coming soon. And eventually seems to die. Meanwhile, the town guard shows up. Some botched diplomacy finds them all put under house arrest in the Inn for the night.

-In the morning, they manage to convince Sherrif Baleson that they are innocent, and that something is afoot. He agrees, but cannot do anything until they provide evidence of whatever it is that happening. The party blames the Cult of Xastur, but Baleson is reluctant to intervene because they are so popular.

Paladin Jell-o Mold

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-The group visits the docks, and Philo talks to the dockmaster and learns of a ship that is coming that may be big enough and willing enough to take them into the forest, captained by one Aubrey Maturin

-While Philo is inside, the group spots Jitters hiding behind some boxes, and decide to bring him along to protect him from the townspeople.

-The group decides to turn in for the evening at a local inn.

-A gelatinous cube attacks, and swallows up Arthur, but is eventually defeated.

-Gilford sleeps through the whole thing.

Hangin' Time
The town of Falcon's Hallow

Agent of the king, Gilford Gallahed rushes to the wooden gates of the small city of Falcon’s Hallow. After berating the single guard present for being asleep while on duty he rushes to the Council Building, at the center of the city. Almost at the same time, the other two agents of the king dispatched to deal with the problems in Falcon’s Hallow, Philo Sihfeir and Arthur Leopold arrive by boat at the docks of Falcon’s Hallow and make their own way to the Council Building. Meeting up outside they burst inside and demand a meeting with Magistrate Harg, appointed leader of Falcon’s Hallow.

The Magistrate however, calmly informed the trio that there was no need for such a hurry. One of the perpetrators had been caught, a Ratkin witch named Pocket. A pair of Ratkin tracks had been found near the river after the sickness had begun, and with evidence that the water was tainted the Magistrate had ordered the two local Ratkin rounded up and put on trial. Pocket had already been found, but they were still searching for the other, Jitters an alchemist who no doubt had been the one to cook up the poison. Arthur, Gilford and Philo managed to convince the Magistrate after explaining that the kobolds had been wearing sandals designed to leave Ratkin footprints in the river mud, and that the two Ratkin had wrongly been convicted. Magistrate Harg then informed that they had better hurry then to the market square, for the trial was probably quite short. The people of Falcon’s Hallow were in a bloody mood because of the sickness, they wanted vengeance.

The trio rushed to the market square where they found an unruly crowd waiting for Pocket to be hanged. Sherrif Deldrin Baleson while accepting their evidence that proved Pocket’s guilt was unsure of what to do with the crowd. The agents of the king, as well as a strange Gnome speak eloquently of justice and right and wrong, as well as a few threats and manage to disperse the crowd and free Pocket, who grudgingly agrees to follow along if only for her own protection. The gnome who had spoken up in Pocket’s defense, Pai volunteers to come along as well, perhaps simply out of curiosity. The group, now grown to five, tries to decide what to do next while a robed figure watches from the shadows…

Illegal Dumping
On the road to Falcon's Hallow

Dispatched from the Capital City by order of a minor imperial bureaucrat to look into the disease in Falcon’s Hallow that has disrupted the timber supply needed to build the king’s armada, Imperial agents Gilford Gallahed , and Philo Sihfeir have been uneventfully traveling for a week to Falcon’s Hallow. Following the main road along the River Foam all seems peaceful, until the alert gaze of Philo spots a rowboat pulled up on the side of the river next to the river hidden in some bushes. But even more than that, he spotted somebody doing something suspicious, mostly hidden by the brush. Suspicions are further aroused by the Paladin, Arthur sensing something evil about the boxes stacked up in the rowboat. After taking a moment to decide what to do, the brash Cavalier, Gilford charges into the bushes with leveled lance, surprising two kobolds who are dumping a box of what seems like rotten meat into the river.

Gilford speared one of the unfortunate creatures, killing it almost instantly while the other two agents threatened the second kobold with a similar fate if dared to fight them. Sufficiently scared, the kobold surrendered and began to answer the questions of the Imperial Agents. Telling them his name was Auyrtiss and that he had been ordered to dump the strange contents of the boxes into the river once a week on the orders of the “The Boss”. When questioned who and what “The Boss” was, Auyrtiss could give little information save for the fact that it was not another kobold, and it had taken power of his gang by killing the old boss. Philo then noticed that Auyrtiss was strange sandals, noting that they seemed to be rounded on the bottom and leaving strange footprints in the mud. Auyrtiss said “The Boss” had ordered them to wear the sandals while dumping the boxes. After a discussion of what to do with him, and a lecture from Arthur about turning his life around, Auyrtiss was freed and fled down the road.

Meanwhile, the three imperial agents decided to hide the rest of the boxes after struggling to identify the contents, and what the strange, smelly, meat like stuff actually was. Close study resulted in sickness, so it was decided to simply bury the boxes in the river mud while they split up. Gilford rode at top speed to Falcon’s Hallow to warn them of the threat of tainted water, while Arthur and Philo took the rowboat along the river to town.


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